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St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Isleworth

Parent Ambassador Group

Parent Ambassador Group

We are delighted to share that our Parent Ambassador Group is now established.

Group members meet each half term with a set agenda. Thoughts and feedback shared by the group are then passed onto the Headteacher.  After each meeting a list of priority actions are decided and reviewed again at the next meeting.  This group is still evolving and moving forward.

Parent Ambassador Role

  • Participate in half termly sessions – the purpose is to discuss areas of school where there could be further opportunities for improvement and provide positive feedback and constructive solutions.
  • Understand the unique selling points of the school and help communicate these key messages to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Parent Ambassadors are representative parents rather than representative of parents.
  • Continue to support and foster the school’s Catholic Ethos.
  • Help to establish strong communication channels to share positive news, achievements and successes about the school both internally and externally.
  • Encourage positive-home school relationships.

Parent Ambassadors 2022/2023

  • Mrs Baker - Year 4
  • Mrs Johnston - Year 4 and 6
  • Mr MacIntyre - Year 3 and 6
  • Mr Nigam - Year 3 and 5
  • Mrs Hughes - Reception and Year 5

Mrs Cole was a member of the group until March 2022 when she became the new Parent Governor which meant she was not able to continue her role within this group.

Parent Ambassador Group Recruitment Process

The role requires a commitment of two years, meaning at the end of the summer term, current members will automatically renew for one more year.  

We are currently still looking for parent volunteers from Early Years and Key Stage 1.  

Please note, parents who have been part or involved in the following will not be eligible to apply: previous parent forum groups, on the Governing Board (or a partner of someone on the Governing Body), a member of the PTA committee.