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St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Isleworth

Weekly Update for 7th June 2024 - The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Weekly Update for 7th June 2024 - The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you!

Jesus I hope in you!  Jesus I trust you!  Jesus I love you! 


Welcome Back!
We hope you all had a lovely break!  We are looking forward to the second half of the summer term.  It's a very busy time so please keep checking the school calendar: www.smi.hounslow.sch.uk/Calendar.


Transition Week (Monday 1st - 4th July) 
Every year the children get to spend time in their new classroom with their new adults.  This year we are trying something different so that the children can have more time to get to know their new surroundings, routines and new adults.  Starting after assembly on Monday morning (1st July) the children will spend the next 4 days in their new classrooms with their new adults.  We are hoping this will enable the children to settle into their new classrooms even more smoothly. 
We will be updating Y6 parents on arrangements for them separately.  Look out for a future update telling you who will be teaching your child next year. 


SMI Celebration of Diversity Week
This week we've celebrated the diversity of our St Mary's family. We've recognised and celebrated our differences and those things which unify us.  It's been a great week and serves as a reminder that God loves diversity. It is a sign of the Holy Spirit’s presence. This is how he leads us to the fullness of life, to the full breadth, height and depth of His love.  Diversity is something we celebrate and give thanks for.



St. Mary's Cultural Food Event

Thank you to all of you for making the Cultural Food Event the resounding success that it was! We were blown away by the amount of food on offer, the time taken to make such wonderful creations and the level of pride you all took in making and serving your food. And on top of that, the food was absolutely delicious!

It is wonderful to offer our children such a rich experience and for them to gain a greater understanding of the community that they are a part of. This can only happen with the level of support that you have provided for us and the generous amount of time dedicated to this. Thank you!




Healthy Eating Week 10th - 14th June

This year’s Healthy Eating Week message is “Give it a go!”

Whether that means having one extra portion of fruit or vegetables a day, being a bit more active, experimenting with a new recipe or using up leftovers - Healthy Eating Week 2024 is all about giving it a go!

• Get at least 5 A DAY
• Stay hydrated
• Move more
• Focus on fibre
• Reduce food waste

“Children are likely to adopt the same eating pattern as their parents, so it is
important that the whole family adopts a healthy lifestyle.
You can set a good example by eating healthily and encouraging
the whole family to do activities together” BNF



healthy eating week 2024.png


Walk to School
Well done to all the walkers, scooterists and cyclists!  Here's the class of the month winners so far. 

walk to school winners may.png


Attendance and Punctuality

Well done to children in Ipswich, Loreto, Westminster, Cardigan, Knock, Fatima and Walsingham!


Year 3 trip to Twickenham Beekeepers Association

Year 3 classes visited Twickenham & Thames Valley Beekeepers Association on 5th and 6th June. It was an incredibly successful and educational experience for all the children. Here’s a recap of our adventure and some of the wonderful things we learned about bees.

The children had the unique opportunity to see beekeeping in action. They observed the beekeepers working with the hives and learned about the essential tools used in beekeeping. Our young explorers learned fascinating facts about the life cycle of bees, the different roles within the hive, and how they contribute to the growth of many of the foods we eat.

The children also learned about the importance of bees in pollination and their critical role in our ecosystem was a key takeaway. The children even had the opportunity to hold a bee in their hand!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!