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St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Isleworth

Weekly Update for 3rd May 2024

Weekly Update for 3rd May 2024

The English Martyrs

This weekend the Church remembers the Catholic martyrs of England and Wales.  These include John Haile who was parish priest of Isleworth and Richard Reynolds who was based at nearby Syon Abbey.  Both were executed at Tyburn (now the site of Marble Arch) on 4th May 1535.  Blessed John Haile and St Richard Reynolds pray for us! 

Risen Lord
Make me a better person, more like you everyday.
Considerate towards others
and honest with myself and faithful to you.
Help me to find my true vocation in life
and so to find happiness myself and
bring happiness to others.


Rosary Club

May is the month of Mary! The Mini Vinnies would like to invite everyone to their Rosary Club by the Mary Statue. It will take place every day for the month of May at pick up time and will be finished by 3.30.  Each week we will look at a different set of mysteries.

Please come and join us as we listen to one of the mysteries and pray a decade of the Rosary together as a school community. If you have Rosary beads bring them along too!


Colour Splash in Year 1

Year 1 have been investigating primary and secondary colours in their Art lessons. We have been so impressed by the children’s ability to mix, blend and analyse secondary colours. They are developing excellent motor skills, which has been shown by their precise use of a paintbrush.
In the first week, children made the secondary colours using playdough. In the second week, they analysed ‘Numbers in Color’ by Jasper Johns and created their own masterpieces.


School Council – Books in our library

Last term, school council reps were busy gathering their classes views on the different genres of books they would like more of in the library. We now have a variety of amazing, interesting, books ready to be borrowed and read. The genres include graphic and comic strips, mystery and thriller, de-stress/wellbeing, natural world and comedy type books. Enjoy reading our new selection of books!


Walk to School Week 2024

This year, St Mary’s will be taking part in Walk to School Week from the 20th – 24th May. Our school will be joining hundreds of others from across the UK in a fun and engaging week-long activity, designed to make pupils experience first-hand the importance of walking to school.

This year's challenge encourages children to travel actively to school every day of the week. Pupils will be encouraged to walk, wheel, cycle and scoot to school every day of the week, earning stickers as they go along.

On Thursday 23rd May, we will hold our annual Walk to School Breakfast. Pupils who travel actively to school, for the majority of the week will be given a healthy snack and drink, before they start
school. Through this challenge, children will be well on their way to reaching their recommended 60 minutes minimum of physical activity per day before, even reaching the school gates!


asthma awareness day 7 may 2024.pdf


chartwells parent newsletter spring 2024.pdf

The foyer glass doors

In order to make the foyer more secure and safe the green door release button that unlocks the glass doors is being replaced with a keypad.  In order to unlock the doors staff will use their cards. Visitors will need to wait to be released by a member of the office staff.


Year 3 visit to Hounslow Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre

On Thursday, Doncaster and Ipswich classes visited Hounslow Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre. As part of the visit, the children experienced an excellent talk from the head Imam where they were shown how Muslims pray and what time they engage in prayer each day. The pupils also learned about the 5 pillars of Islam which we will also be learning about after the half-term break. Finally, the pupils received a fantastic tour where they were shown around the mosque. The pupils were very engaged and respectful and were able to ask and answer questions to develop their understanding of Islam.

skillz4life may half term sports camp.jpg


Friends of St Mary's Isleworth - FOSMI

So far three parents have come forward to say that they are interested in launching FOSMI.  Thank you!  If you are interested in being part of this exciting relaunch please read the information on this page and respond via the link on that page.