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St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Isleworth

The Wednesday Word Pentecost

The Wednesday Word - Pentecost

Dear Parents and Carers,

This coming Sunday, your parish church will be celebrating a great and joyful feast, Pentecost Sunday.  It is the feast of the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church, a gift which we now receive at Baptism, Confirmation, and at Mass.

In this Sunday's Gospel, the risen Jesus offers his disciples the Holy Spirit and inner peace so that they would never be alone, to strengthen them, and to be their helper forever.  Jesus never wants us to be fearful, lonely, or disturbed, and he also offers us the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This truer, lasting peace, offered by Jesus (the removal of all anxiety, worry, and envy), comes only from God.  It is not dependent on peaceful conditions; we can experience it even in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty.

Enjoy a very special time together this evening, hearing your child's thoughts about this Sunday's Gospel and this Wednesday's word, which is PENTECOST.

Dom Henry Wansbrough