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St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Isleworth

The Wednesday Word Growing 241124

The Wednesday Word - Growing - 24/11/24

Dear Parents and Carers,

All parents want to help their children to grow into the best people that they can.  Growing in goodness is for parents and children alike.

In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus uses an image that would have been familiar to people of his time and he reminds us that we all depend on God for life.  We all make mistakes, but God is loving and patient and gives us time to grow into the people we were created to be.

God loves us, and wants us to live and grow in him - just like a branch grows on a vine - to be full of God's own energy.  Keeping lively contact with Jesus helps us to grow in goodness and to live fruitful family lives, filled with peace, kindness and love.

Enjoy your week together GROWING in God's love.

Dom Henry Wansbrough