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St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Isleworth

The Wednesday Word 1st May 2024 Love

The Wednesday Word - 1st May 2024 - Love

Dear Parents and Carers,

God is love and all love comes from God. When we invite Jesus, as a loving friend, into our family life then love grows and life becomes more joyful. In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus entrusts his friends, the disciples, with his message of unconditional love, and asks them to carry it to the whole world - not just in their words but also in their actions.

Love is life’s greatest blessing and Jesus’ message is for us too. By loving as Jesus loves, we too become his friends and we experience the harmony and peace which comes from following his command – to love. Enjoy a very special time this evening, hearing your child’s thoughts about this Sunday’s Gospel and this Wednesday’s word, which is LOVE.

Dom Henry Wansbrough

the wednesday word love.pdf