In Year Admissions for 2020-2021

We are proud of our wonderful school and how we celebrate each child’s individual uniqueness, talents and abilities and ensure they aspire to reach their full potential.

We are working on enhancing our reputation and raising our profile within the local community, ensuring that our strengths, successes and achievements are well known and understood externally, as well as internally.

A key message that we want to get across is that although we are a Catholic school, we do not simply offer an education to Catholic children, but a Catholic education welcoming ALL children who are ready to embrace our ethos and values. 

To get into a Catholic school you don’t necessarily have to be Catholic. As is the case with most schools, who gets in is highly dependent on how popular a school is with parents. Catholic schools will always prioritise Catholic pupils in their admissions, and if they have space for more (like we do), all are welcome to apply.

In 90% cases, Catholic schools can cater for the local Catholic demand. In these instances, parents only need to provide a Baptism certificate as proof of Catholicism. In the handful of cases where Catholic schools are oversubscribed with Catholics, Catholic practise is taken into account

We place great value on the faith you show in us to educate your child(ren), and we would like to thank you personally for your continued commitment and support.

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